Outsourcing and Support


Compliance is the bookends that hold regulated operations tightly packed within the confines of the regulations, laws and directives. It is of outmost critical importance to every regulated entity, as it can elevate, or drag down operations with equal ease. It requires a fine mix of regulatory compliance, industry expertise, and business acumen to allow the firm to achieve its potential without detriment to its clients or itself.

Our experienced team understands this, and has been helping our clients through outsourcing or support services, apply the principle of proportionality to strike the right balance between compliant operations and business development efforts.

Anti-Money Laundering

An extremely critical function at the top of regulatory supervision. Regulatory authorities across the EU including the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, consider the position of outmost importance requiring their regulated entities to appoint in-house AML officers. Even in the absence of the outsourcing potential, our firm offers solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs.

The 4th AML Directive introduces several changes to the current AML regime. Our CySEC’s Advanced Certificate possessing AML team, has been successfully helping regulated firms through outsourcing or support arrangements, and will continue to do so with the implementation of the new Directive, doing the heavy lifting and offering practical solutions that meet regulatory standards without hampering operational effectiveness.

Risk Management

Risk Management may be slightly overlooked by authorities when compared to the other critical supervisory functions (Compliance, AML and Internal Audit), it remains a critical component of regulated company operations. Improper risk oversight could translate to misidentification of critical risks, manifestation of unidentified risks, reduced ability or absolute inability to tackle such risks, that could lead to damaging effects on the company’s operations and financial standing.

Risks abound especially regulated companies that are faced with credit risks, market risks, operational risks, as well as other risks that may manifest under various circumstances. An experienced Risk Manager (or a team of experienced Risk Managers) can actively monitor and implement measures that can either thwart potential threats or manage them effectively in the case of manifestation. Our team’s diverse financial industry experience, dealing with such risks, can cover your risk management needs, tirelessly trying to monitor, prevent, and if not possible, effectively tackle any risk that may manifest, with no or as minimal as possible effect on the company and its stakeholders.

Internal Audit

A strong internal audit function is paramount to every regulated company that wishes to validate its regulatory compliance as well as its operational integrity. We strongly believe that an effective internal audit function should be embraced by every company that wishes to properly monitor its operations.

Our professionals that undertake under outsourcing arrangements to take on the Internal Audit function, have extensive experience in a broad spectrum of financial industry operations that include investment firm (brokerage), credit institution (banks), payment institution (PI), electronic money institution (EMI), and Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM). Our Firm has designed inspection checklists custom to each sector that assist our experts with their effort to provide the holistic review our clients should demand.